What Is The Best Way To Generate Leads On Youtube?

The platform has several tools for collecting and collecting leads, so that you know who is viewing your content, but also who might be interested in your company’s products or services.

One option is YouTube maps, which can be added to videos and create a clickable CTA that prompts viewers to respond. With the cards, you can add more visual components to make them more interactive and appealing to the viewer, thus attracting more eyeballs.

There are 5 different types of YouTube cards you can add to your videos:

  • Video or playlist to promote your own content.
  • Forward to another YouTube channel.
  • Donate to a charity of your choice to support donations.
  • Survey to encourage viewers to take a multiple choice question.
  • Link that redirects users to an approved website, preferably your own.

In addition to YouTube cards, there are 2 other organic tactics you can use to improve your content:

Landing pages with end screens
End screens are a mobile-friendly YouTube feature that enables you to end your videos with a CTA. You can use an end screen to ask viewers to check out your other videos, channels, or playlists. You can also encourage viewers to click the Subscribe button on your YouTube channel to promote your website, products, services, or newsletter.

Performs on the search
A detailed YouTube video description can make a big contribution to improving findability. you would like to optimize it for both YouTube and search engines. Longer and more detailed video descriptions have a better chance of ranking high in relevant web searches. This is because contextual keywords are the heart and soul of Google and YouTube queries.

Longer video descriptions are not just about single long-tail keywords. An in depth description can facilitate your rank for several possible related searches. This can even increase the likelihood that you will draw attention to keywords or phrases that you haven’t used.

What is the best way to generate leads with youtube?

How to monetize your YouTube channel

The ultimate way to benefit from YouTube is to monetize it through sponsorship. Plugs or mentions of products are the most common type of sponsorship. As the moderator of your video, you want to introduce the brand and involve viewers through demonstrations, public relations and general hype about the product.

Here are the most common ways you can integrate sponsored products into your YouTube channel:

Show products through conversation.
Here you will include the product in a conversation about your daily life. If the sponsor is a clothing manufacturer, introduce the brand to a conversation about a recent shopping spree or show viewers how you look and feel in their clothing.

Show off products.
Here you exaggerate the product directly and make it a topic of conversation. This type of sponsored discussion provides points of discussion about what makes the product desirable, and may even include a demonstration or anecdote about how the product adds value or a helpfulness to a current experience, such as a vacation or evening.

Mention the products in a pre-roll, mid-roll or end-roll segment.
This is probably most similar to a traditional television show, where the product is mentioned in a pause from the main content.

Create product reviews.
This is the most direct way to exaggerate a product. With a sponsored review, you discuss exactly why the product is worthwhile. You can check it physically in front of the camera. For luggage, for example, you can show viewers how zippers and compartments work. This depends on your opinion of the product, which many users find helpful when looking for a purchase.

Create a special integration series.
It depends on your budget. When the brand pays the bill, you can go beyond a simple plug or review and create a more sophisticated production that shows the value of the product.

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