What Is Digital Marketing? Full Details Step By Step

What Is Digital Marketing? Full Details Step By Step

This work is done through the Internet. Digital Marketing is very much in trend these days. Many people are earning their income through this work. Big companies also provide this service.

What Is Digital Marketing? Full Details Step By Step

With Digital Marketing, we can bring traffic to our website. And you can earn lakhs of rupees by selling your service or item. Major E-commerce stores spend millions for the promotion of their website by preparing it. Let us now know how this work is done.

How is digital marketing done?

1. Facebook Ads

Around 99% of the people in the world use facebook. If you also want to increase traffic to your store or website, then you can resort to facebook ads network. With this network you can display your ads by choosing your target audience.

2. Instagram Shoutout

Through this website, you can bring traffic to your website by giving attractive images and links in it. Some professional pages also take paid advertisement. If you spend a little money, you can earn big profits by bringing big traffic to your website or digital store with this technology.

3. Google Adwords

This company also offers a chance for paid advertisement. Just like with facebook ads, you can also invest some money in your target traffic on your blog or store.

4. whatsapp

Today, almost every person uses this free service. If you also send links or images to your friends and relatives on whatsapp, then they see that advertisement with interest. In this way you can generate free traffic.

5. Other Source

Apart from the four options mentioned above, there are many such social sites such as tumbler, linked in, hike, telenor etc. where we can do digital marketing by forming a group or by posting a post.


The big advantage of digital marketing is that it is our customer all over the world. Through the Internet, we can sell our goods or services to anyone in the world. Whoever is connected to the internet through his phone or computer, we can reach him through online and can conduct business and messages with him.

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