What are Facebook Ads? What are the benefits of using it?

What are Facebook Ads? What are the benefits of using it?

If you do business of any scale (small, medium, large), then by using Facebook ads, you can increase your business profits significantly. In this article, we will know what are the Facebook ads, what are their advantages and how can you start with them.

What are Facebook Ads? What are the benefits of using it?

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads is a platform like any other online advertising service on which advertisers can post their different types of ads, promote their business, generate leads, get people to fill Data, you can increase your Facebook page, send traffic to your website, get conversions for your ecommerce site, increase views on your YouTube videos or other videos, and more. There are many other things that you can acheive by using Facebook ads.

Like any other advetising-publisher network, you pay Facebook as an advertiser and Facebook runs ads according to the daily budget that you have set from that payment.

When we talk about digital marketing, there are two platforms that come on top, one is Google Adwords and the other is Facebook ads. Let us first know its benefits and then understand how Facebook Ads work.

Benefits of using Facebook ads

So if you have a business, or if any of your clients have a business, then you can use Facebook ads to promote online.

Now, why should we choose Facebook ads? The answer is audience base. Some reasons for using Facebook ads, I have mentioned below:

  • 1. Every month, 2 billion (200 crore) people use Facebook. This is a very large base of the audience.
  • 2. In the US, if people spend 5 minutes on their phone, then 1 minute out of those 5 minutes use either Facebook or Instagram. Instagram is also the property of Facebook. And you can apply for ads on Instagram from Facebook ads as well.
  • 3. 500 million (50 crore) people use Instagram every day.

I think you can guess from the above audience base, that you can spread your ad to millions of people around the world by using Facebook ads.

Apart from this, there are many exiciting features of Facebook ads, which are the attention of advertisers 17. Such as:

  • 1. You can run ads on any budget. The higher your budget, the more your ads will reach more people.
  • 2. You can narrow down your targeted audience by configuring demographics and other options, so that your ads are shown only to people interested in your business. 
  • 3. Facebook uses every modern technology and ad formats for ads advertising purposes, which are well displayed on every device.
  • 4. You can simultaneously track and analyze the results of your ads, so that you will be able to run the ads in a better way in future and be more successful in your business.

How to get started with Facebook ads?

Getting started with Facebook ads is very easy and simple too. Running ads in Facebook is also known as running an Ad campaign.

You understand the working of Facebook ads with the help of 4 simple procedures.

  • 1. First, your goal is to know exactly what you’re advertising for. Facebook gives you the      option to choose many, different types of marketing objectives. As such, if you want to drive traffic to your website from Facebook, do you have any idea of your traffic collection, if you want to fill in the data?people, generate leads, then there is also a consideration for that. There are many such options available on Facebook ads for marketing purposes. The screenshot shown below makes this thing clear for what you can run Facebook ads.
  • 2. The second step is to choose your audience, whom you want to show ads. You can choose your targeted audience, using geographical locations, gender, interests and many other options.

  • 3. After that, you have to set the daily budget of your ad, how much more money you want to spend on your ads daily. Then you have to choose how many days and between how much time you want to run the ad. Accordingly, Facebook will tell you how much your total will cost and you will have to ad that amount in your account.

  • 4. After this you have to set the visual appearance of your ad. Which includes textual information, images and videos etc.

According to each idea, marketing objective and ad type given to start the ads, the options can be different, but the above mentioned four steps will be common in running all types of ads.

Whatever your ad will cost, Facebook will tell you in advance and you will have to add it to your account before running those ads. When all the money required in your account will be added, only then will the campaign of Facebook ads run.

Recently, I ran an ad format with a leads type consideration in Facebook ads, setting the All Punjab Region audience for only two days. I set the daily budget to only Rs 100 and run the ad for only two days. I only got 12 leads from this.

Facebook ads are a very good way for any advertiser to reach the ads to maximum and only targeted people.

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Every time I have personally used Facebook ads, I keep getting great results! How did Facebook ads perform for you?

Do you promote your business / blog / website with advertising? If yes, what platform do you use to run ads? Have you ever used Facebook ads? If yes, what is your experience? Share with us in comments.

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