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URL Full Form- If you want to reach a website, you must know the URL of that website, but if you do not know the URL of that website, you will not be able to access any website. A URL is like the home address of a website, just as we cannot access someone’s home without an address, so a website cannot be accessed without a URL.

URL Full Form

URL: Uniform Resource Locator

URL example

Like http://saventynine.com the URL of the website may explain the first part of ‘HTTP’, the use of this HTTP protocol and the second section “www.saventynine.com” describing the name of the resource (domain name).

URL part

Miller is being made up of three components of the URL, such as:

  • Protocol Designation: Part of the new part is the protocol identifier, which explains which protocol is being used.
  • Address and Host Name: The second part contains a domain name that describes what the data source resource is from the server.
  • Resource Location (File): The third part of the URL describes the path and name of the document.
protocol://host or address/location of resource
URL Full Form

The URL format contains the first protocol followed by 3 special characters “: //” then the host again and then the file location now.

Do you see the website url https://www.saventynine.com, The first part contains https which is a protocol and then www.saventynine.com, through which the location of the source is known as the domain.

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What Is URL

Now you can tell from your mind what the URL search is, but the first URL was assigned to Tim Berner Lee in 1914 or we know that the first URL to search. In the world of internet, not every site has a unique URL

Connect to the URL to go to the comfortable spoken URL You can visit any website. Internet RankDoner numbers have websites and each website has a different URL. The Internet is a separate URL for web pages that you see to see something. The URL is designed to help you visit a web page.

URLs are a type of format text string, and URLs can be used to search network resources in web browsers, software, and email clients.

How the URL works

There are also Internet Vision websites, all of the websites we visit have an IP-address. Just like a mobile had an IP address and when you go to a web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, etc.) to go to a website’s URL type the browser of the website is typed into the URL’s DNS and does not come to the website.

If the URL does not exist, then no file or resource on the Internet can use the IP-address to assist, and the IP-address cannot be memorized. And the browser can access the website of the IP-address that changes the URL of the DNS.

URL type

Below are some headings from most types of URL types:

Messy URL

Random URLs have a number of names and letters, these are URLs created by the computer, more web pages can be created for any single domain name. Can’t explain it for example- http://www.example.com/hindisahayta9099822000

Dynamic URL

This URL contains any database searches and results, any content output, a dynamic URL in Natijo ?,%, +, =, the desired corrector is Intake has come to the website for user to use. Dynamic URLs can also draw attention to examples such as? -, and,%, +, =, $, cg-bin, .cg. Etc. Dynamic web address of dynamic URL.

You will tell a lot of people and many people do not know that there is a copy of the URL. This is a very simple process. URL that you can copy URLs in the browser go to the top of the mouse pointer and click once and then copy.

Static URL

These URL web pages are completely hard viruses with HTML coding, and static URLs never change, users have some requests.

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