Top 10 Tips On How To Name A YouTube Channel

Top 10 Tips On How To Name A YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel Name Yes First Impression is the Last Impression! This is absolutely true. Whether it is a person, place, website or YouTube channel, name makes a difference everywhere. As sweet as the name, Catchy, Memorable is as good.

Top 10 Tips On How To Name A YouTube Channel

There are many ways of Online Make Money. In which YouTube is a very popular method. There is no extra cost for this. If you are also searching for your career in YouTube, then this post is very beneficial for you.

Top 10 Channel Name Idea

One thing has to be kept in mind while creating YouTube channel. Do not ignore YouTube Channel Name, YouTube User Name and Custom URL whenever Create Channel. Whenever a user comes up to the home page of the channel, he sees some basic things more carefully. Such as – Channel Name, Channel Art, Channel Logo, About Tab and Channel Custom URL. Keeping all these things in mind, this post has been published.

Mobie / Computer, Internet Connection, Gmail Id should also have a good name to create a channel. The advantages of having something different and a good name are advantages. Due to the name being different, the search results are revealed quickly. So that anyone can easily find the channel. Read the post in full, if there is a question or confusion, then comment, we will be happy to help you.

Internet World means YouTube is the best way to make a mark in Virtual World. Never keep a matching name. The benefit is less harm than this. The YouTube channel name of this website is “Guruji Tips”. Now if you do Guruji tips search on YouTube, then the channel is not visible.

Because both Guruji and Tips have many channels already available from Word. There are some who have Subscriber in millions. In this case, the competition is very high. If you want your own promotion, then make a channel with your own name. There are many reasons behind this. Let me explain all the reasons in Point.

  • Branding yourself
  • Popularity
  • Face vlaue
  • When the 100,000 (100k) Subscriber is completed, then there comes an Acknowledgement like Youtube on which the name of the channel is written.
  • If the channel will be in your name then your name will be written. The image below has also been shared which you can see. It is called Silver Button.
  • The name of the channel is written on this Silver Button. If you want your own name, then start the channel with your name.
  • In this case, there is no need to state the Channel Name separately. Searching for your name only works.

Channels are being made in thousands on YouTube perday, there are many Youtubers who have many Channels, meaning they have multiple Youtube channels in which Subscriber is also very much. In such a situation, it takes a lot of papad (hard work) to increase subscription, watch time and views of a new channel.

For Youtube Channel, select a name which is the most different and is similar to the Video Category (Niche). If you select a name similar to the category, then the Video Category (Topic) is known as soon as you hear the name.

Top 10 Tips Select YouTube Channel Name

Before selecting Channel Name, decide what to share here, how to share, Face Video or just to work on Graphic Plate. The name should always be Short and Sweet. KISS Always remember this Word. Keep It Simple and Short. Meaning, one should always think about Simple and Short. Some names are such that it is both difficult to remember and tell others.

1. Choose One Word Name

  • To name the channel or website, try a single word name. Single Word Name is very easy to remember.
  • Single Word Name is unique in itself. Which can be Famous soon. But now there has been so much channel on YouTube that it may take time to find a single word name.
  • Remember, a word does not mean anything is named. Give time for this, which channel comes first after searching the name you are choosing, whether there is any channel with the same name or not.
  • If there is a channel with the same name, choose another name.

2. Choose Two Words Channel Name

  • You can also choose the Channel Name of two related content words. Two Words Combination is also good. Put maximum three words in the channel. Words with more words than this will not be good.
  • Two Words Channel names are many. If you see the YouTube Channel Name of this website, it is of two words. Guruji and Tips. But there are many channels from the word Guruji and there are many channels from Tips. That is why the channel is not visible on searching guruji tips. You do not have to make this mistake.

3. About Channel Name

  • If the purpose of the channel is explain by name, it is a good thing. If not, about Tab, PlayList, Channel Art all things should be clear here.
  • To make the channel famous, one has to do something different. Video uploading will not happen.
  • Along with the video, many things have to be paid attention to. There is an About Section in the channel. Write Complete Detail about the channel in this About Section.

4. Popular Name

  • Choose Popular Name for YouTube Channel. This increases the popularity of the channel.
  • For this, write some names on the paper. For this, if you do not take help of Internet, then it is better.
  • Now search these names on Youtube. If another channel appears with the same name, try another name.
  • If the channel is not visible, then this name can be considered.
  • You can also find Synonyms according to the content.

5. Name generator

Previous posts you may have read about the Domain Name Generator Tool. There is also YouTube Channel Name Generator. For this, SpinXO can use it.  .

  • In this website, fill the form below Username Generator and hit Spin Button.
  • Name or Nickname
  • What are you like?
  • Hobbies?
  • Things you like
  • Important Words?
  • Numbers?

The system will suggest several names as soon as the Spin Button is hit. This option is for username. YouTube Names will appear in the third tab for YouTube. Select it. Here the form will look something else.

  • Topic 
  • Focus or niche?
  • Any other keywords?
  • Things You Like
  •  Important Words?
  • Numbers?

If there is any problem in generating the name from the name generator, then definitely ask in the comment.

6. Choose Same as Domain and username

  • Take care in choosing the Youtube Channel Name. Domain is also available with the name by which the channel is.
  • When the channel becomes famous then the website will be needed. If the Top Level Domain is not available then purchasing it can be very expensive.
  • Check the Domain Name with the .com extension before starting the channel. After the channel is created, register the domain as well.
  • Now comes the username Do you know what a username is? The YouTube channel URL of guruji tips is Meaning the gurujitips seen after here is the username.
  • Talking about the website, Gurujitips also has a domain with this name.

7. Duplicate Name

  • Never choose a name that is already available on Youtube.
  • Duplicate Name can not be famous quickly. The user will search for it, maybe your channel is visible but no Direct will search your channel.
  • Avoid duplicity. There is no use but loss.

8. Avoid Abusive Word

  • Never select abusive word for Channel Name. Do not do at all in the name of the channel.
  • Popularity is possible for a while by using the wrong word in the channel. But its positive Impact is less.
  • Wrong is wrong. One cannot be right even with 100 wrongs and wrong has no future. It can be beneficial for some time, but it cannot be benefited for a long time.

9. Creative Name

  • Try to get a creative name. Which can be remembered easily. Example Guruji Tips There is no abusive word in it, but there is something strange to hear.
  • This is probably the reason why the user feels Catchy.
  • The name should be something that makes a place in the user’s mind. No extra hard work has to be done for this.
  • Select the name according to the channel content, it will definitely benefit.

10. Some Thing Different

  • There is nothing in the name. There is a lot in the name. Yes, it depends on your thinking.
  • If the content is strong then it will go on without name and no matter how powerful the name is, if the content is not strong then nothing can happen.
  • Whatever topic related video you are making, try to do something different.

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