If you are going to Mussoorie – then do not forget to visit this beautiful place

Uttarakhand’s ‘Mussoorie’, very close to Delhi, is a beautiful place to visit on weekends. Beautiful mountains, lush green valleys, the water of the rivers making tomorrow and tomorrow makes Mussoorie the queen of the mountains.

If you are going to Mussoorie - then do not forget to visit this beautiful place

Mussoorie is located in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan ranges and is also considered a romantic place. The height of this place is Mussoorie 7000 feet above sea level, that is why this place is very cold. There is also a lot of snowfall in the winter season.

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Tourists fond of watching snowfall are in abundance here in the winter. There is a lot to roam around here. If you come to visit here with your family, then you can see a lot here. In this article, today we will tell you about the places to visit in Mussoorie.


If you are going to Mussoorie - then do not forget to visit this beautiful place

When the British ruled India, Mussoorie was the favorite place of the British. He spent a lot of his time at this hill station in Uttarakhand. For this reason, the culture here is still of the British era. Landour is a cantonment area 7 kilometers from Mussoorie. If you come here, you will get a lot of peace. You can also do shopping in the market of Landour. There are some points from where the beauty of Landor can be appreciated.

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Mussoorie Lake

If you are going to Mussoorie - then do not forget to visit this beautiful place

Under Dehradun Development Authority, there is a gathering of tourists to see Mussoorie Lake. People visiting Mussoorie can also visit Mussoorie Lake. Mussoorie Lake is a tourist attraction built in the hall. When you come from Dehradun towards Mussoorie, then Mussoorie Lake is 6 kilometers before reaching Mussoorie. You can see it while coming too. The lake also has boating facilities to enjoy. Here you can spend 1 to 2 hours comfortably.

Campty Falls

If you are going to Mussoorie - then do not forget to visit this beautiful place

Don’t go to Mussoorie and see Kempty Falls, don’t do it at all. Kempty Falls makes the Mussoorie trip more memorable. Kempty Falls is a beautiful waterfall falling from a height of about 40 feet. Under the waterfall, people take a bath in the water and have fun.

You can also have this fun. Here you will see a large crowd of tourists all the time. Most of the people of Dehradun come here to have fun on weekends. Therefore, there is always a crowd here.

Red Dunes

One of the most famous cafes of Mussoorie is the red dune. To get here, you have to trek a kilometer. During this trek you will see quite beautiful views. You won’t even know when the red dune has arrived. The red dune is an old-fashioned cafe.

Here you will reach the highest point of this area. You can order anything to eat while sitting on the top of the café and enjoy lunch, dinner snack with beautiful views under the open sky.

Road Freight

Mall Road of Mussoorie is quite a heaping place. There is a lot of crowd here. You can roam here in the evening and enjoy it. There is also a good option to eat. Corn here is very tasty. Corn stall will be available to you on every short walk.

How To Go

If you are going from Delhi to Mussoorie then the way is very easy. It will take you 6 to 7 hours to reach Mussoorie by your car. If you go by public transport, then you will get a bus from Kashmiri Gate and Anand Bihar to Dehradun.

From outside Dehradun railway station, you will have to change bus to Mussoorie. If you are coming to Mussoorie, it is best that you come by your car or taxicab because if you come here and take a taxi for the local sightseeing, then you have to pay 100 rupees for one kilometer. There is a taxi fare here at 100 rupees.

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