How Would You Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy In 2020?

Once you’ve developed the kind of campaign, strategy, and social media platform you plan to use, you’ll need the right content to make everything work. Content that works best on social media offers value to users at each stage of the consumer journey.

In order to distinguish your content from the sending number of messages where it should be:

  • It works
  • It’s informative
  • Useful
  • It’s fun
  • Sharing
How Would You Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy In 2020?

As with social media platforms themselves, there are many different content options to choose from. Those that work best in business marketing are:

  • Ebooks
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Reflected leadership texts
  • Blog post
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes and research
  • Amaslayidi
  • I-infographics
  • Ama-podcasts

The value of photo and video content helps businesses create images that tell their stories and opportunities to produce documentary footage of special events. Or more traditional content driven by text, video and images allows marketers to:

  • Create intimacy with users. Visual content is the most effective way of branding.
  • Provide evidence of products or services. This can come from: our fellow customers, paid speakers, and company principals.
  • Meet users with visual content such as questions and contests, or photos and videos submitted by users.
  • It’s pleasing to users’ feelings. Unlike text, the simplicity of an image or video reaches the heart of the message.
  • Create demos for products or services.

    Understanding when to post advertising content

    There is no fixed time of the week or month when it is best to post text-driven or photo-driven content. For obvious reasons marketers want to make sure they respond to comments, questions, or concerns about a post as soon as possible because that is the surest way to ensure loyalty to their users.
    Time on your social network should be about consistency. Users will notify your content if they have the condition to expect it to appear periodically throughout the day.
    However, those posts need to be integrated to bring users on the journey.
    • For example: Many advertisers follow the standard rule of “4-1-1”: For every one of the four most informative or entertaining posts, they can share one content-focused content and one specific, similar to a demo.
    This approach is helpful in making them feel like they are being over-sold when evaluating their social media feeds.
    Just make sure your content is disseminated in a way that gets users interested and engaged enough to increase your expectations each time they see the next one.
    If you can do that, you have established a unique, strong and stable relationship.

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