How to reach Here are the BEST PLACES to get around

How to reach Here are the BEST PLACES to get around

You must have heard about the famous place of Himachal, Kasol, situated in the lap of Parvati valley, Kasol is a small but beautiful tourist destination of Himachal Pradesh. This place is very quiet and full of natural treasures, lives on the tongue of the tourists coming to Himachal.

How to reach Here are the BEST PLACES to get around

Its beauty can be gauged from the fact that this place is considered to be the main destination of foreign tourists especially Israelis in India. As you enter the border of Kasol, you will get a glimpse of Israeli culture. Colorful tents and motor bikes are visible as soon as they enter here. Perhaps very few people know that Kasol is also known as the ‘Israel of India’.

This place is very advanced in terms of tourism. There are many attractive places near and near Kassol, today we will tell you about these special places on the travel passion and also tell you how to reach Kasol.

Malana Village

Malana is a very beautiful village in the lap of the Himalayas. A little different from the culture of India and the world, this village is known for its distinct identity. The high mountain range, the mountain valley makes it different from other regions of India. It is believed that Malana has been the oldest democracy province in the world. The local residents here follow their own culture, customs and traditions. This village can be counted among those places in the world whose existence has been very secret.

Tosh Village

Tosh, situated on the banks of the Tosh River at an altitude of about 2,400 meters above sea level, is a beautiful hill village in Himachal, known for its geographical structure and the beauty of the Himalayas. Tourists like to travel in the Tosh nestled on the banks of Parvati valley. This place is also considered very special for adventure enthusiasts. Tosh is an ideal place for trekking.

Tirthan Valley

The Teerthan Valley is a beautiful Himalayan corner situated in the middle of a quiet forest valley, located about 60 kilometers from Kasol. Spectacular views of the valley, mountain passages and forests here amaze and amaze the travelers. Amazing views of this beautiful valley can be enjoyed while wandering in Kasol for a day.

Parvati Ganga

The Parvati river flowing through the Parvati valley is called the heart of this region, or else it is the lifeline of the surrounding villages. The river originates from the glacier of the Pin Parvati mountain range and rises further through Kasol.


Apart from the above places, you can plan a trip to Bhuntar, located about 30 kilometers from Kasol. Bhuntar under Kullu district is a hilly place surrounded by dense forests. The breathtaking view here is nothing short of an herb for the eyes. Narrow and difficult paths make Bhuntar a thrill.

How to reach Kasol

The distance of Kasol is 540 km from Delhi. If you want to go here by air then the nearest airport is Bhuntar, which falls in Kullu. There are flights from Delhi and many big cities. This airport is 31 km from Kasol. Here you will get a taxi from Ashani, which will take you to Kasol in an hour.

On the other hand, if you think of going to Kasol by train, then the nearest railway station is Joginder Nagar, which is about 150 kilometers away and it will take 4-5 hours to reach Kasol. From Joginder Nagar railway station you can go by bus or cab.

Apart from this, some people also go to Kasol by road. Let us tell you that to go by Kasol road you have to use NH-3 which is going towards Manali. Going through the road can be more beautiful and fun. If you are going from Delhi, you can go in your own car or you can also take a cab. Apart from this, buses also take buses from Delhi to Kasol which will get you there in 11-12 hours. If you are going by bus, then you get down at Bhuntar and take another bus from there, which will be going to Kasol.

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