How to make money from instagram ?

How to make money from instagram ?

At present, Instagram is considered to be the largest platform of photo sharing. Many users are making a lot of money from this place.

How to make money from instagram ?

If you have 10 to 20 thousand Instagram followers on your page, then you can easily earn money by showing Spencer ads on this website. Now the question will come in your mind who are the Spencer. And why would they spend that money.

There is a simple answer to this question. Sponsors are people who want to promote their product (brand / product) to people. So that the sale of their things increases and people can make profit. For this purpose, people are looking for social media pages and other media where there is a large crowd of visitors and where the content is published with their product item. Instagram

Example – If you publish photos of dogs on Instagram, then sellers of dog belt, dog food, dog accessories and other products related to other dogs can pay to promote your product on your Instagram page.

How to Find Sponsors?

Many people create instagram pages and also increase good followers. But they do not know how to find work. Finding work here means finding promoters. If you are not doing good promoter contact yourself, then you can email them yourself. Or you can also visit some websites which work hard as a link between publishers and promoters.

The terms of the promoters on such website are already mentioned. Like he wants his promotion on Kis Prakara’s Instagram page. They have to get their product promoted on a page with at least how many followers. On which country page they want to show their product. Etc.

Ways of Earning from instagram?

Sell ​​Images On instagram

If you have a good digital camera. So you can publish your photos with water mark. And then write in the BIO that the photos are on sale. If someone likes your photos then they can contact you on your number or mail address. You can earn even after publishing photos by putting such details.

Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

This is a very easy and amazing way with which you can earn big profits. For this, you have to create your affiliate account on any affiliate company such as Clickbank or Amazone or Flipcart. From where you will get links and banners. You can promote them by putting them on instagram. And when someone shopping with your link, you can get income.

Instagram page Sell –

You can earn money by selling your page. Suppose you have 50000 to 100000 followers. And now if you want to sell this page, then you can put the information of such page on social media. Intersted Buyers will contact you and you can earn strong profits by negotiating.

Sell ​​your goods on instagram –

If you are an expert in making something. Or you trade something. So you can easily make a profit by selling it on Instagram. For this, you will have to enter the general information of the product and your own contact address and number in your Bio. And then we have to upload photos related to that product. When a visitor likes your product, he will contact himself.

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