How to earn money from youtube - full guide to make money online

How to earn money from youtube – full guide to make money online

Nowadays most Internet users turn to Youtube for any information or reviews of any latest product. But do you know that you can earn at home from Youtube?

How to earn money from youtube - full guide to make money online

There are many Youtubers and Youtube Channels, who are earning millions of rupees a month by uploading only 2-4 videos on Youtube every month. There are dozens of ways to earn from home from Inetrnet, like Blogging for Money, Affiliate Marketing, Adsense, but Youtube is the most fun way. If you have a little talent or you can do something that people like, then you can earn money by making a video sitting in your house and uploading it on YouTube.

Why choose Youtube only: Best Money Making Idea with Zero Investment

By the way, how to earn money from Internet is all Online Money Making Ideas, but Youtube is a great option in which you can earn good without any investment.

Huge Audience available on youtube:

The biggest quality of YouTube is that there is already a huge audience on YouTube. This is a Readymade Platform for you. This is not the case with blogging or other online money making options.

In blogging, you have to first add Audience and it takes a lot of time. Whereas in Youtube you just have to upload good video content and write the video description in the right way. If your video content is excellent, then the rest of the work will be done by the viewers already there.

No Domain or Hosting Required:

You do not need any domain or hosting to earn money from YouTube. For example, if you want to start your blog on WordPress or any other platform, then you first need a Domain Name and Hosting Service to host it, whereas to earn money from YouTube, you only need your Gmail ID. Login has to be done and you have to create a YouTube channel. Then you can easily earn money sitting at home by uploading videos in that channel.

Easy and Free Platform:

Youtube is the easiest way to earn money sitting at home and its biggest feature is that it does not take any money from us in return for any of its services. In almost all other ways, you will have to spend some amount of money at some time, but from Youtube Registration to Video Uploading and Monetization, the service provides absolutely free.

Easily Google Adsense Approval:

Getting Google Adsense Approval in YouTube is much easier than Blogs. I know many bloggers who had to wait for many months for Google Adsense Approval but quickly get approval from Google Adsense for YouTube Channels.

How to earn money from youtube: – How to Make Money

There are many people on YouTube who are earning a lot of money sitting at home. There are some people whose earning of one month is more than one million rupees. You can also earn money from Youtube by following some steps –

Create Your YouTube Channel:

To make money sitting at home from Youtube, first of all you have to create your own channel on it. Youtube Channels is the place where we upload our video content. For this, we have to create our account on YouTube. YouTube is a service of Google itself, so if you have already created a Google Account, then you can also use it to login to YouTube or you can also create a new account.

Your YouTube channel should be related to a specific Genre / Niche. Before creating a YouTube channel, you should determine its genre and use the related keywords in the YouTube channel. The title of your YouTube channel should also be Genre Specific and Easy to Remember. This will make it easier for people to connect and remember it.

Upload Your Video Content:

After creating a YouTube channel, you should upload your video content to it. While uploading the video, it should be kept in mind that it is of original and best quality. Its Clarity, Sound and Lighting should be of excellent quality. The video should not be too long because the viewers do not like to watch videos of long and bad quality.

If the topic of your video is broad, then you divide it into several parts and upload them separately. Description of Video should be Eye-Catching. Tag your video with Genre Specific Keywords so that viewers can find it easily through Youtube Search. Your effort should be to upload your new videos regularly. So that you can maintain your audience.

Increase Your Audience:

Your Audience is the reason for your earnings in Youtube. According to a research, you can earn up to ₹ 100 on average with a video with 1000 views (although earning from Youtube depends on various things like Content, Visitors, Ads Clicks, Per Click Rate etc.). Decreased growth of audience will affect your earnings in the same proportion. Therefore, it is very important to increase the audience and maintain it.

For this, you should share your video on other Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. In the comments, interact with your viewers and answer the questions asked by them. Sometimes make videos based on their questions and upload them. Audience will affect you and stay connected with you.

Monetize your videos:

To start earning through your videos, you have to monetize them. To monetize means that you are allowing YouTube to show Ad on your video. For monetization, it is necessary that your video is original and not copyrighted.

To monetize your video, click on Creator Studio on YouTube and then click on Status and Features. After this check the Monitization Option.

Link to Google Adsense

After you check the Monetization Option in your Youtube Channel, you will have to link your Youtube channel to Google Adsense, the option of which is available in the Monitazation Settings in Youtube. Google Adsense shows related ads on your videos and whenever a viewer clicks on it, you receive money.

Affiliate Marketing and Sponsored Videos:

You can also earn huge amount from YouTube through Affiliate Marketing and Sponsored Videos. Nowadays many companies conduct Affiliate Marketing. In this, you get a link by the company, which you place in the description of your video. This link belongs to a Buyable Product or Service.

 When one of your Viewers links and buys that product, you get a part of the price as commission. Gradually, when your YouTube channel is set up, you will also start getting sponsors for videos, whose ads you can earn money by showing at the beginning or end of your video.

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