How To Create Twitter Account - Full Guide Step By Step

How To Create Twitter Account – Full Guide Step By Step

Hello Friends! Friends, in today’s time the Internet has become a part of our daily life. Everywhere on the Internet, whether to do online shopping or to recharge mobile, book a movie ticket or book an air ticket or train ticket.

How To Create Twitter Account - Full Guide Step By Step

If we talk about education sector, everything from form fill up to result online. After the launch of Jio, Internet usage is becoming equal to USA in India. The main reason for increasing Demand of Internet is Social Media. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn are all popular social media networks. #Social Media Tips

Today we will know about Twitter under Social Media Tips, how to create an account on Twitter? By the way, this is a very small topic, and you all must know about it. But when I did a Google search, I found many big bloggers have written about this topic. By the way, you must know about Twitter. What is twitter? If you have any unique information related to Twitter, then share with us. Comment in the Comment box to share.

What is twitter? What is Twitter

Twitter is a social media network like Facebook. In this, the user can share their views, opinions and links in 140 text characters. You can also use Image or Video with Text. You can also call Twitter Micro Blogging Tool. Twitter is the most used website after Facebook. The post on Tweeter is called Tweet. Here you follow each other. Like and Re-tweet each other’s tweet and can also comment.

  • Monthly active users: 313 Million
  • Active users on mobile: 82%
  • Employees around the world: 3860
  • Offices around the world: 35+
  • Accounts outside the U.S. : 79%
  • Languages ​​supported: 40+
  • Employees in technical roles: 40%

Source: – Twitter Official Site and Wikipedia

Creating an account on Twitter is very easy. Using this social media tips, you can create your Twitter account in Next 5 Minute.

Step 1: Open first.

Step 2: Click on Signup Button.

Step 3: Now fill the form that has come in front of you.

Step 3: Enter your full name in the Full Name Box, enter the Phone Number or Email Id in the box with Phone or Email.

Step 4: Enter Password in the box with Password.

Step 5: Tick Tailor Twitter based on my recent website visits. Tick ​​both in the Advance Option below. Lets others find me by my email address. With this, your friends can search you by email. Let Other Find Me By My Phone Number, so your friends can search you from mobile.

Note: Always keep your password strong. Always use Alphabet, Numbers and Special Characters in your password. This will prevent your account from being hacked.

Step 6: Who have you used Email or Phone to create a profile. Whatever you have used, a Verification Code will be received on it. If you have created an account by email, then enter the mobile number and make the account mobile Verify.

Step 7: Now customize your profile according to yourself. Such as: Update Profile Picture, Update Cover Picture. Select your profile’s Username.

Step 8: Tips to select Username

What is Username? :

  • Username is the name that is similar to your Nick Name, it also completes your URL.
  • Like our URL is here GurujiTipsEdu is our Username.
  • With the help of this username, on Twitter we address someone by tagging them.
  • We can tag by putting @ before Username.
  • Please use @gurujitipsedu to reply us.
  • We can change our Username at any time.
  • Keep in mind that the Username you are choosing should not belong to anyone else.
  • To change the Profile Pic and Cover Pic, open the profile and click on Edit Profile.

Step 9: Now you will have a Welcome Page Open in front of you, Go Go! Click on Options. You will be asked about your interest as soon as you click on Going Go. Select the one in which you have an interest in the given options and click on Continue.

Step 10: According to your interest, you will be recommended some profile to follow. It depends on whom you follow.

Now your Twitter Account is ready. Click on this link and follow us. If there is a problem in creating an account, then you can ask by commenting in the Comment box. If you like this post, then definitely share it on your social media profile.

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