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Friends, DM full form is  District Magistrate. The post of DM is a post on which every youth wants to work because the post of DM is not a minor one but it is very powerful and respectable.

DM: The District Magistrate gets a lot of powers which are not found in any other post and if it comes to salary then DM gets respect as well as a very good salary, due to which a lot of young people have this The dream is that he can become a DM.

Some youngsters go from the beginning with the goal that they have to become a DM and they start preparing to become a DM from 10th, 12th class and the people who have DM full form and dm how They don’t know the information related to becoming, they can’t find the correct information on the internet,

That’s why today I will give you all the information related to DM full form District Magistrate who is DM full form, salary, qualification, and how to become DM. I wish I was writing the post so that you don’t have to search anywhere else.



What is DM?

Friends DM Full Form District Magistrate Full District Officer and Administrative and Revenue Officer, who has the right to do all the work of the districts in this incident and also all the officers, the DM has services in the districts and is in charge of security but not the district administration.

How to become a DM?

friends Now you have got the information about who is DM and now it comes to Full form of DM. To become a DM, you have to pass the CSE exam conducted by UPSC every year after which you become an IAS officer. And if you get promotion, you can become DM.

friends If you want to become a DM then you have to pass this IAS Exam without which you cannot become a DM under any circumstances but first of all you have to have the qualification and age limit that you need to become a DM It happens.

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Age Limit Of DM Job

As we know, to make DM, first of all, we have to pass the IAS exam, to become a District Magistrate, that is, a different age limit has been kept for every class to take the IAS exam. If you are from the general category then your age The age limit should be 21 to 30 years and for OBC category, this age limit is kept from 21 years to 33 years with a relaxation of 3 years and 5 years relaxation is given for SC and ST, so that SC and ST class Varies from 21 to 35 years.

Work From DM

Let us now know about the work of DM, what are the functions of DM:

  • The DM’s task is to maintain law and order. It maintains law and order.
  • Reporting annual crime to the government.
  • Inspects police and prisons.
  • Informing the Divisional Commissioner of all works.
  • When the Divisional Commissioner is not present, he works as the Chairman of the District
  • Development Authority.
  • Inspecting magistrates working together.

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DM Selection Process

To become a DM full form: DISTRICT MAGISTRATE, you have to take the UPSC sponsored CSE (Civil Services Examination) exam, after which you become an IAS officer. It goes through three stages, each step of which you have to pass only then you can become IAS i.e. DM.

These three steps are as follows:

1. Preliminary Examination for IAS
2. Main Exam for IAS
3. Interview for IAS

Friends, I hope that you have got the information that who is DM, how to become DM Full Form, Exam, Salary, DM? If you have any kind of question or suggestion related to DM full Form District Magistrate, then you can comment baselessly.

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