What Is BPO Full Form | What Is BPO and BPO Full Details

Friends BPO full form – Business Process Outsourcing.

If we talk in very simple words, BPO is a process in which we can contract to do some business work (customer work) like customer support, back office work, IT support etc. by a third party service provider ).

It is then their responsibility to do all these things. The process of handing over the work to a third company is called outsourcing.

BPO Full Form – Business Process Outsourcing

What is BPO

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a method for third-party vendors to operate multiple business-related operations subcontracting. When business process outsourcing began, it mainly outsourced large areas of its supply chain to manufacturing entities, such as soft drink manufacturers. However, it is now applicable for outsourcing of services as well.


What Does BPO Do?

i) Voice Process

Voice processes can be inbound or outbound. In the inbound process you will handle calls that create customers or prospects. For example, a telecom company outsources its customer support, so in this you will be handling the calls of your customers on behalf of the telecom company.

Another example would be that a potential customer is calling to get more information about a product or service.

In external processes, calls are made to generate sales or may occur to receive the outstanding balance. For example, a satellite TV company outsources the telesales department, so in this you have to call potential customers to generate sales. These types of positions provide a good salary with an additional incentive to make sales.

ii) Non Voice Process / Back Office

Businesses not only outsource contact centers, but also perform data processing tasks and administrative operations. So there is a need for professionals who do official work which may include creating reports, preparing daily sales spreadsheets, data atringes in particular software.

Easily understand it without going into too much detail. The work that can be done on a computer system and does not require client meeting or direct face-to-face coordination. However this may require inter-department coordination and cooperation.

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For back office process recruiters you will usually have good computer skills, communication skills, writing skills (if you can write emails without grammar and spelling mismatch, etc.).

Good computer skills mean that you should have complete knowledge of applications like MS Word, MS Excel. While good communication is nothing but expressing your idea in a clear and simple way.

iii) Semi Voice Processes

Semi-voice processes are like voice processes. But with a small margin. The difference is that apart from handling calls, they may also have to send email, or provide chat support or fax.

The requirements for these positions are similar to the voice process.

iv) Team Lead

There are also positions for team lidars. They are usually required to handle a specific department or manage a team and lead to increase productivity and keep the team motivated. These positions can also be referred to as Team Manager, Process Leader, Process Manager etc.

Generally the team lidar should have 3-5 years of experience.

v) Other Jobs

There are also many other jobs such as voice assistant trainers, quality managers, and other management positions.

BPO Full Form

BPO Job Salary

There is no argument that there is a good payment in the BPO job. Any graduate or even undergraduate who has good communication skills can get this job. For this, you get a salary of 12,000 to 15,000 per month in India. And with experience, salary increases and so does your position. You can hold high positions of team leader or even trainer.

How to get BPO work?

If you have the above mentioned qualifications, you can definitely apply for a job in BPO.

Find out now what you need to do to get a job in the BPO industry.

Give BPO an interview….

  1. First you need to create a resume that includes Education, Contact Details and Work Experience.
  2. Be prepared for your Self Introduction such as- tell about your hobbies, what is the reason for doing this job, what is your Basic Knowledge about the company, what is your Strength and Weakness, be ready for all these.
  3. Keep your papers ready and the details you have should be absolutely accurate as many companies do Background Reference Check.
  4. You have to keep your behavior good. Your selection also depends on the way you speak. Give the interview with a light smile.
  5. Many BPO interview questions are asked in English. If your English is weak then you should work on it because if English is not good then it can be a big reason for rejection.
  6. Keep semi-formal dressing.
  7. Don’t be afraid of rejection but face it.

There are now large sites on the Internet that provide jobs. You can upload your resume there. Hr working in BPO will contact you and fix a he date of interview with you.

So if you follow the above mentioned information and go for interview with full preparation then your selection is sure to happen.

BPO provides job in many countries due to which it has been divided into some types.

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