Ancient temple of time travel found in India

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about a temple called Panchvarnaswamy Temple and from the outside it looks like a simple temple built in the last century, but it is actually at least 2000 years old.

Ancient temple of time travel found in India

What is really attractive to me is the design of this temple. It is designed in such a way that ordinary visitors see ordinary carvings and if you are a serious researcher, there are carvings that are baffling, and all of them are carved in the dark corners of the temple.

Today, even though the temple has electric lights, the deepest carvings still lurk in deep, dark areas and there is no explanation of these carvings so far.

The animal you see here is a kind of saber-toothed cat, sometimes referred to as a saber-toothed tiger. This particular species is called Thylacosmillus. Thylacosmillus resembles a modern-day lion or tiger, but the main difference is its exceptionally long canine teeth. This carving undoubtedly shows this particular species with teeth like pointed and long tail.

Ancient temple of time travel found in India

If you compare this carving with modern day entertainment of this animal using fossil evidence, we can see that they are almost identical. However, the problem here is this: all experts agree that this species went extinct 2.5 million years ago. And historians and archaeologists tell us that their temple was built about 2000 years ago.

For sculptors to carve such an animal, they must have seen Thylacosmillus. So how did sculptors take care of this animal 2000 years ago, although this species went extinct 2.5 million years ago? Think about this: how can a temple have futuristic carvings and carvings from a distant past? The way anyone can record something from both the future and the past is time travel. Were ancient builders capable of time travel in India? Is there more evidence of time travel in Hinduism?

Ancient temple of time travel found in India

It is noteworthy that an ancient text called the Bhagavata Purana not only describes time travel, but also accurately describes the concept of time selection, even though we think Albert Einstein was the first to clearly understand it.

According to the text, a king and his daughter take an interstellar journey to see Lord Brahma residing in a different planet. He had to wait for a while before meeting Lord Brahma, and when the king talks about the issues he is currently facing on Earth, Lord Brahma starts laughing out loud and reveals that the time of existence Moves differently on different planes.

Lord Brahma clarified that during the short time that the king and his daughter experienced, through an intergalactic journey, over one hundred and sixteen million years had passed on earth.

Therefore, he tells them that when you go back, all your friends, enemies and their sons and all their descendants on earth must have died long ago, no one knows their names anymore.

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